Friday, December 23, 2011

Get out of your Comfort Zone!

No body likes doings they aren't good at. That's a simple fact. Especially when you're training yourself it can be easy to tend to avoid the things you hate/suck at doing. Some people don't like running, others aren't fond of weight training. I believe it's important to incorporate the things we aren't very good at into our routines because it forces us to react and adapt to new / uncomfortable situations and it builds mental toughness. There's nothing better for your self confidence that crushing a workout you would have deemed impossible earlier on.

I would recommend at least twice a week incorporate your most disliked exercises into a workout and tough it out. Give it 4-5 weeks and you'll be surprised at how your body is adapting to the new stimuli. If you don't like running, take one day this week and run a block or a mile longer than you have before. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and push yourself. You can't truly know your limits unless you find them once in a while. Always remember to be safe first and foremost. If you're lifting heavy, lift with a spotter. Common sense is king.

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